The Father/Daughter Dance at a Wedding Reception

I have been a DJ for hundreds of weddings in Perth and have seen a trend for more brides to have this special moment with their Father at the wedding reception. I think it’s a wonderful part of the evening for those that chose to have it. In my planning sessions with couples I always ask about the personality of the bride to be’s Father and how he would react to having this dance. If her Father is not one to be in the limelight, I normally suggest that once the bride and groom’s dance is over and the bridal party and or guests having assembled on the dance floor, that then they do the Father / Daughter dance. I can also keep this moment subtle or I can announce it to the audience. This dance is normally done straight after the bride and groom’s first dance, however, another great way of introducing this dance is to mimic the wedding ceremony. The Father / Daughter dance commences first, just like when the Father walks his daughter down the aisle at the ceremony. Then either sometime during the song or once the song is complete, the groom steps in to dance with his bride, again to mimic the handing over of the bride from the Father to the Groom at the wedding ceremony.

The Father / Daughter dance is not for everyone, but for those that choose it, it’s about understanding the personalities of those involved, what they would like and working with the couple to arrive at the perfect format for their reception.

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